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Cambridge Rubber Duck

Cambridge Rubber Duck

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Cambridge Rubber duck with Union Jack wings.

  • Safe phthalate free plastic
  • Individually hand painted with care

Part of our our British duck collection.ᅢᆵᅡ﾿ᅡツᅢᆵᅡ핣ᅢᆵᅡ﾿ᅡツᅢᆵᅡ하땚ᅡ﾿ᅡ깶ᅡ하タᅢᆵᅡ하レᅢᆵᅡ﾿ᅡテᅢᆵᅡ하トᅢᆵᅡ﾿ᅡ깶ᅡ하タᅢᆵᅡ하ᅠ