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The Mystery of The Professor's Impossible Puzzle Cambridge

The Mystery of The Professor's Impossible Puzzle Cambridge

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Turn the streets of Cambridge into a ‘whodunnit’ treasure hunt adventure!

The mystery is in your hands!

The pages of your Mystery Guide™ take you on an exciting puzzle adventure through the heart of historic Cambridge, as you follow the maps, unlock the clues, and unravel the epic tale.

Your challenge is to track down hidden objects, decode symbols, and uncover hidden messages, as you eliminate suspects and gradually unpick the crime.

and an exciting twist awaits…

Make it to the end and you'll be struck by an amazing ‘wow’ moment when the case is solved and the villain is revealed before your eyes!

Simply grab your Mystery Guide™, head to the start, and set off at a time that suits you.

Don’t let the villain get away... Your time to start is now!

Includes free gift envelope and pen