• 5 years ago today!

    Looking back to Saturday 11th July 2013 to 'Live Windows in Trinity Street'!
  • The New Normal?

    With pubs and restaurants opening this weekend we hope that people can once again enjoy a lilttle bit of socialising, a pint or two and your favour...
  • Harry Potter prices slashed!

    As if by magic, loads of Harry Potter prices have been slashed.  And not just for this week, not just for July - but for the foreseable future.  Th...
  • We're Open

    As Cambridge shops gradually re-open so have we and we're pleased to say you can now pop in between 11.00 to 6.00 every day.  Normally at this time...
  • Little Gestures Mean Such a Lot

    We've had such a lovely message from a customer in Spain.  Her order was very small but meant a huge amount to her and her son so it was a pleasure...
  • Zipped Hoodies only £10!

    A great offer for you!
  • New Arrivals

    Hogwart House cushions along with their mascots

    Harry Potter Advent Calendars now all half price!
  • A Helping Hand

    We had a request from a customer that we hadn't ever had before.  She wanted to buy the Hermione Granger Bag over a couple of months.
  • Christmas windows done!

    People don't look at our shop and think "Christmas" - but they'd be wrong!
  • Bonfire Night

    Provided by Cambridge City Council, the annual Fireworks and Bonfire is one of the largest free displays around and regarded as the safest and best...
  • Cambridge and Me

    A while ago I was asked about my favourite places in and around Cambridge.  This is my account.