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Cambridge and Me

A while ago I was asked about my favourite places in and around Cambridge.  This is my account:

Cambridge city centre is packed with beautiful buildings as all the colleges have impressive facades, intriguing court yards and very well maintained gardens. I have to say my favourite is Kings College Chapel. It has become such an iconic building and dominates Kings Parade with its enormous stained glass window framed by tall turrets. Inside is the world's largest fan vaulted ceiling and listening to a choral concert is quite a moving experience! It is a privilege to have two shops within a stone's throw of this world famous building.

I'm a big fan of independent businesses of course and around the Trinity Street area and surrounding streets we are blessed with some of Cambridge's best. I really enjoy visiting 'Lilac Rose' in Bridge Street. With an eclectic mix of clothing and gifts it's become my go-to shop if I need a present for friends and family.

I absolutely love Midsummer House. It's incredibly expensive so visits are few and far between, but when they do occur I can honestly say it is one of the best food experiences I've ever had. It's a lovely venue and the staff get it just right too.

An ideal day out with visiting friends would be firstly to take a punt to Grantchester. Once there enjoy a drink at one of the three great pubs, take a stroll around the village and lunch at The Orchard. After punting back to Cambridge (dozing on the way - someone else is doing the punting you understand!) I'd go up to the Roof Terrace at The Varsity for cocktails and the stunning views, then dinner at The Ivy, Trinity Street. Finally on to see the latest release at the Arts Picturehouse.

My personal landmark has to be No 4 Trinity Street. Back in 1985 my husband and I opened our first shop as 'Anne Rowena' (that's me!) which was all about hand-knitted jumpers. Since then the shop as seen a few changes but it is still ours - now Giles & Co. Jacks on Trinity came along a lot later but No 4 holds memories of our first venture into business with all it's highs and lows, big mistakes but wonderful successes too.

My favourite open space is the Botanical Gardens. I don't get the chance to go very often but when I do there's always something new to see, lots to learn and the seasonal displays are quite beautiful.

For many years I have often thought that the Market Square could be improved and now there is serious discussion about just that. I would love to see the market by day but with easy-to-move stalls so that the square could accommodate alfresco eating and evening entertainment.


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